History of the Sky Lantern
Making of the Sky Lantern
Release the Sky Lantern

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Release the Sky Lantern

The Sky lanterns are also known as the Kong Ming lanterns. Legend has it that the lanterns were the invention of Zhuge Liang (Kong Ming was the name of Zhuge Liang upon reaching manhood) of the Three Kingdoms Period, who utilized the same principles as that used in hot-air balloons to float the lanterns as a means of communicating military intelligence. In addition, according to the elders in the Shihfen area in Pingsi Township, bandits roamed the mountains in the early days, and villagers would seek shelter in the nearby mountains when the bandits came on a raid. After they left, the men who stayed behind in the village would fly Sky lanterns as a signal of safety to beckon the villagers’ return. Although the area grew more stable later, the activity of flying Sky lanterns remained and became a local custom. Today, flying the Sky lanterns has become a symbol of prayers to the gods for their blessings. The sight of thousands of Sky lanterns carrying peoples’ wishes and slowly floating into the night sky is a sight to behold.